Call for prayers to protect the Traditional Latin Mass and passing it down to the next generation

On several Western sites that support the Traditional Latin Mass, a dark rumor is spreading. A new regulation aimed at severely restricting the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass is being prepared within the Holy See.

Una Voce Japan opposes the extreme restriction of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Catholic Church, from the standpoint that both the Mass revised after the Second Vatican Council and the Traditional Mass are important. We oppose it not only because we wish to preserve the Catholic tradition but also because such restrictions do not seem in accordance with Christian values. Limiting the Traditional Mass could potentially lead to mistreatment of the minority within the Catholic Church who love it, stripping them of something they hold dear under the guise of obedience. Even if justified by seemingly reasonable arguments, such mistreatment does not seem consistent with the teaching of Christ, which emphasizes mercy.

Of course, we adhere to the directives of Pope Francis and the bishops in Japan. Even if the Traditional Mass were unfortunately unavailable, we will continue to stand firm within the Catholic Church. Turning to Japan, especially in Tokyo, Archbishop Kikuchi listens to us, embraces us, and maintains an open attitude, allowing many to attend the Traditional Latin Mass once a month within the Catholic Church. People who love the Traditional Latin Mass are permitted to exist in the Church without pretense, finding solace in their beloved Mass once a month, gaining strength to love others and being sent out into the world. We sincerely hope this positive cycle continues.

To those who love the Traditional Latin Mass, we ask: Please pray with us to the Virgin Mary that we may preserve the traditional Mass handed down to us from generations of saints for the glory of Christ, and pass it on to the next generation. We also ask those among the majority of Catholic believers who may not be interested in the Traditional Mass. We appreciate your interest in reading this far. For those of us in the minority who love the Traditional Mass, it is just as important as Mass revised after the Second Vatican Council. A Catholic Church that is kind to minorities should also be a comfortable place for the majority. Please continue to show interest, and if you are willing, please pray for us.