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Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum habitare fratres in unum!
Behold how good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!(Psalm132.1)

Why join the UVJ?


By joining the Una Voce Japan you are supporting our work of facilitating the restoration of the Church’s ancient liturgy to the altars of our churches all over the country, and beyond. Our work in training priests, servers and singers, in organising Masses and devotional events, in publishing liturgical books, in mending vestments and in promoting all this through social media and advertising, is an irreplaceable contribution.

By joining the Una Voce Japan you are joining a community of like-minded people. You will meet these people at our Masses, online-Vespers, pilgrimages, retreats, and training events. If you love the traditional Mass, you are not alone!

By joining the Latin Mass Society you will enjoy membership benefits, such as joining private Mass and retreat. You will be invited to join our Annual General Meeting online as well as in person, and be consulted on changes to our statutes. 

Our members are our most treasured resource. If you share our aims, join us! Since its foundation, there has been no set membership fee. The association’s activities are supported by donations.

Membership requirement


1. Be a member of a Catholic parish in Japan.

2. Be willing to help with Una Voce Japan activities.

3. Be willing to follow the Statutes of Una Voce Japan.

Upon admission, approval of the Board of Directors will be required.

Please contact us first. We will send you a entry form.