Welcome to the site of Una Voce Japan !

Una Voce Japan (UVJ) aims at safeguarding the rich liturgical heritage of the Catholic Church and promoting its use in the sacramental life of the Church in J5385apan. We are in full obedience to the Magisterium of the Church and to the local ordinaries.

Una Voce Japan (UVJ) organizes the Sung Mass of Extraordinary Form of Roman rite in Tokyo, on  every 2nd (if it dose not occure on 13th day of month) and 3rd sunday. And UVJ organizes the Meditation meetings in Tokyo. We look forward to seeing everyone. For more information about the Mass and the Meditation meeting, please click here.

Also, the Sung Mass of Extraordinary Form of Roman rite will be held Akenohoshi-Seibono-Tsudoi on every 4th sunday in Tokyo.  For more information about the Mass, please click here.

Guidance priest: Canon Raphael Katsuyuki Ueda (Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, San Jose, CA, USA)