Prayer for the Resumption of Regular Traditional Latin Mass in Japan

We are always grateful for the goodwill and generosity of the Japanese bishops, priests, and everyone involved who help us. Traditional Latin Mass(TLM) brings people together, praising God through beautiful music, praying to God in the Eucharist, encouraged by Him, and being send out. It’s grace is indescribable. That’s why we  want more Japanese people to experience this Mass. For that reason, regular Mass is necessary.

Since the passing in March 2019 of Fr. Augustin Toshio Ikeda, SSP, who had celebrated TLM for about seven years in Tokyo, we have had no regular TLM because of a lack of legitimate priests who are willing to celebrate it.

Traditional Mass is an intangible treasure of mankind. Not only for those of us who live in the present, but also for those who lived in the past and those who will be born in the future. This is because God we believe in is God of all mankind, and we believe that the Traditional Latin Mass centered on God is a place where we can meet Him universally.Please pray with us for the intention of the resumption of the TLM in Japan, through the intercession of Blessed Justo Ukon Takayama.



O, God, you desire the salvation of all people. Sustained by your grace, Blessed Justo Ukon Takayama followed the Gospel faithfully, and rejecting all worldly rank and honors, achieved martyrdom by exile from his homeland.


We humbly pray that the Blessed Justo Ukon, who by freely accepting many hardships gave powerful witness to your love, may become a source of hope to people throughout the world and soon be numbered among your saints.


(Asking Ukon’s intercession, mention your intention in silence.)


Merciful Father, through the intercession of Blessed Justo Ukon, please hear our fervent prayers. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.