Traditional Mass for the first time since 2019

 As an after-the-fact report, we were able to hold traditional Masses by Canon Raphael Ueda ( Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest) at Takarazuka retreat house on 30th October and at Catholic Fuchu cemetery on 3rd November.  All the participants seemed satisfied, and I thought that their faces naturally smiled and became kind after the Mass.

 I know very well as organizer that so many people help us to have these Masses. Thank you for Both Archbishops of Tokyo and of Osaka, priests and staffs of retreat house and cemetery. And I appreciate the great efforts of our members, choir members and those who travelled to attend our Masses from remote areas.

 We would like to hold more Masses for those who did not have the chance to attend , but we have not enough workers. I sincerely hope that the number of people who work as members and those who work with us without becoming members will increase, and that the traditional Mass will become more familiar.