Volunteer Opportunity: Support TLM in Kansai

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with organizing the traditional Latin Mass in Kansai region and would be deeply honored if our readers would consider contributing to this important effort. Currently we face a challenge due to the insufficient number of helpers, preventing us from holding Mass in this region, despite having priests available to celebrate.

Based on our experiences in Kyoto and Osaka, we can anticipate that at least one hundred people who are eager to attend the traditional Latin Mass, striving to adhere to the directions of their local bishops.

Although establishing a legitimate traditional Latin Mass in Kansai poses challenges, we are confident that with the support of the local faithful, mirroring our successes in Tokyo, we can achieve our goal. If you are interested in supporting our mission, please reach out through our contact form. We ask that all volunteers meet the following criteria:

1 Alignment with Una Voce Japan’s Vision

 Volunteers should respect both forms of the Roman Rite and follow the directions of the Archbishop of Osaka or the Bishop of Kyoto

2 Local Parish Membership

Volunteers need to be members of a parish within the Osaka Archdiocese or the Kyoto Diocese  and be willing to assist with Mass preparations in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and surrounding areas.

Your support is crucial for bringing the TLM to more people in Kansai.