【Extraordinary Sung Mass】on 22nd Nov. 2015 at Kitashirakawa Catholic Church (Kyoto)

The Extraordinary Sung Mass of Roman rite by Canon Raphael Katsuyuki Ueda, our guiding priest, will be held in Kyoto. Everyone would be welcomed.

Date and Time : 22nd Nov. 2015 (Sun)
14:00- (pm) ; Asperges Ceremony, Extraordinary Sung Mass with Incense (last Sunday after pentecost)
Location: St. Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church (22 Kitashirakawa, Nishitsutacho, Kyoto Sakyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture, 606-8261, JAPAN) Map
* Please refrain from the inquiry to St. Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church
By: Canon Raphael Katsuyuki Ueda (Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, San Jose, CA, USA)
* Canon Raphael Katsuyuki Ueda will stay in Japan from 10th Nov. till 26th Nov. 2015.
pamphlet (PDF)

Contact to: Una Voce Japan