Guidelines for Mass attendees at St.Xavier, Tokyo

We have outlined the following guidelines for attending Traditional Latin Mass at St.Xavier, Tokyo.
Thank you for your cooperation.

To maintain a serene atmosphere in the church, we kindly request minimizing announcements before, during, and after Mass.

●Precautionary measures against the Covid-19
・When you enter the church, disinfect your hands with a disinfectant. Wearing a face mask is optional.
・During the Holy Mass, please refrain from singing. Choir sings chants and altar servers respond to priest during Mass.
・It is optional to wear a face mask when reciting together as in prayers, or at times when only the choir is singing.

・We kindly request that you utilize public transportation when coming to the church.
・Please note that the church does not have a parking lot. However, you may use the nearby parking meters or paid parking lots.

●Rubbish Bins and cleaning request
・Please note that there are no rubbish bins available inside the church. We kindly ask that you take all rubbish home with you.
・Additionally, we have scheduled a cleaning session for the church floor. We kindly request the assistance of those who are willing to help.
Please gather near the left side altar after the Mass.

●Photography and Videography Policy
We kindly ask all attendees to refrain from taking photographs or videos inside the church, with the exception of the designated photo staff in charge.

The restroom is located outside the church building, next to the parish office building.
We kindly ask that you leave the restroom in a cleaner condition than when you entered.

●Blessing of Rosary and Other Devotional Materials
・We kindly request that those who would like to have their materials blessed come forward and wait in front of the altar rail after Mass.
・After having your items blessed, we kindly request that you take them with you and promptly leave the area so that the next blessing can commence without delay.

●After the Mass and the thanksgiving prayer, we kindly ask everyone to please depart promptly as the church will be closing at 16:00.