Blessing objects at Mass

We have been conducting blessings for items brought by attendees (such as candles, holy pictures/images, water, etc.) at the end of the Mass. For each item, a priest recites specific Latin prayers, sprinkles holy water, and performs a thorough blessing, taking around 2 minutes for each item and 4-5 minutes for water.

In recent Masses, with more than 20 individuals bringing multiple items each, the blessing time has extended to over 40 minutes. As a result, we have faced situations where we cannot adhere to the scheduled departure time for the church, causing inconvenience to the church administrators.

We have considered using a common formula to collectively bless the brought items at once, but it is uncertain whether those who come from afar to attend our Mass would prefer this blessing. Therefore, while we continue with the thorough blessings as before, we have established the following rules for operational efficiency. We appreciate your understanding despite any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Blessings will be prioritized for those who have pre-registered. To pre-register, please click here.
  • Blessings will begin approximately 30 minutes before the start of the Mass. Due to prioritizing Mass preparations, the start and end times for blessings may vary.
  • In cases of numerous participants, including those who pre-registered, it may not be possible for everyone to receive the blessing.
  • Each participant should only apply for 1 blessing on the day to save time.
  • Those wishing for a blessing of water must bring salt with them.
  • Please note that blessings will not be conducted after the Mass.